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Rolex Watch Repairs, Rolex Watch Services & Rolex Watch Battery Replacement

Every Rolex Watch has been built to last a lifetime but to maintain your Rolex’s optimum

performance you may need to get it serviced and repaired by a professional Watch maker and that is when you might need to use our professional Watch Repair Services. Our team have been professionally trained to the very highest level to ensure that every detail of your watch is properly cared for. Our in house expertise and independence means that we are able to deliver a highly personalised service to you and your Rolex Watch.

Occasionally customers might request that we only repair their Rolex Bracelet, fit a new Glass or simply refurbish and polish their Rolex to bring it up like new. Therefore we are able to repair and service many early vintage Rolex watches as well as the more modern contemporary models like the Rolex GMT or Rolex Daytonna.

Professional Care of your Rolex Watch throughout the Service & Repair Procedure.

We are professionally insured to £50,000 per item, so you can be completely assured of your Rolex’s safety and protection while it is in our care and when it is returned to you by us. Many of our customers prefer to drop their watches off in person and because we are only minutes from the M1 and M69 junction - then we are easy to reach from most parts of the UK. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a detailed outline of the work that can offer for your Rolex Watch. We use the Elma state of the art, German Made Elma Solvex Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean your Rolex Watch Movement. We use Swiss made Witschi Watch machines to measure the performance of your Rolex Watch.

Our experts will strip down your Rolex watch into all of its constituent parts, so that it can cleaned in accordance with Rolex’s own prescribed method. Each Rolex part is then carefully inspected to see if any parts need additional attention. Your movement is then carefully re assembled and lubricated again using only the prescribed materials and techniques as recommended by Rolex.

At the same time we disassemble your Rolex Case and Bracelet and carefully polish them to bring them up to an almost new finish (or we are happy to provide a bespoke polishing service to your personal specifications if required.) Our expert watch makers also use Elma ultrasonic cleaning tanks to clean your Rolex Bracelet, Watch case and Bezel. This means that your Rolex Watch is returned to you in optimum condition.

We think it is important to take to time and patience required to achieve the optimum time keeping performance of Rolex’s COSC Chronometer certified movements. Furthermore to ensure optimum performance you can be assured that your Rolex is only looked and worked on by watch Repair professionals with decades of Watch making experience.

Occasionally customers contact us when they simply require general or cosmetic Rolex Watch Repairs, again this is something we are happy to offer and remember all inspections and advice on Rolex Watch Repairs is provided free of charge. Most commonly this includes fitting or restoring new hands to your Rolex Watch, Fitting a new dial or glass, or carrying out some part repair to the clasp or bracelet.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ryte Time for free advice on servicing or looking after your Rolex Watch. Terry can be reached most of the time via telephone, text or WhatsApp on 07704 678 398.

Rolex can claim many first milestones in the history of Watch Making and has thus far introduced over 400 patents to the world of Watch making. It is still considered by many as the ultimate luxury watch manufacturer in the World. And is frequently the first choice for soldiers, pilots, yachtsmen and explorers because of their durability and precision, even in the most challenging of conditions.

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